Acrylic fabric

Acrylic fabric

Jun 18, 2020

Acrylic fabric is a polymeric material obtained by the monomer's via-base polymerization reaction. The poly is white powdery with a density of 1.14-1.15g/cm. Normal pressure, at 220-300 degrees C. Pure polymery brittle hard, dyeing is very poor. When polyfibers are introduced into monomers and third monomers, they will stain the properties. Acrylic has "artificial wool" said, its textiles are widely used in clothing, decoration, industry and other fields.

Advantages of acrylic fabrics:

1.Acrylic fabric performance is much like wool, but the elasticity is much better than wool, in the case of elongation 20, the rebound rate can be maintained at about 65.

2.Acrylic fabric in the warmth is better than wool, acrylic fiber shape fluffy curl, feel very soft, so the warmth is much better than the wool fabric, once there is "synthetic wool" said.

3.Acrylic fabric strength than wool is higher, at present, the strength of acrylic fiber in 22.1 to 48.5cN/dtex, and wool than acrylic fabric lower than 1 to 2.5 times the degree.

4.Acrylic fiber is very sun-resistant, that is, excellent sun performance, if you put acrylic fiber in the sun, a little problem will not have, there are experiments show that the use of acrylic fabric made of items in the sun for a year, its strength only dropped by less than 20, it can be seen how practical.

5.Acrylic fabric sourcing products are generally not afraid of acid attack, acid resistance, oxidants and general solvent performance is very good.

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