Cities stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment under COVID-19

Cities stabilize foreign trade and foreign investment under COVID-19

Jun 09, 2020

The impact of the epidemic on foreign trade development

1. With the weakening demand in the international market, it is difficult to implement orders in traditional industries.

2. Foreign trade enterprises are not in full operation and face many difficulties in resuming work and production.

3. Supply and demand of the industrial chain are not smooth, and the performance order cycle is longer.

4. Exchange rate fluctuations are relatively obvious, which increases the risk of economic and trade frictions.

5. Investment attraction activities are limited, and foreign investors are less willing to invest.

6. The inflow of foreign capital will be greatly impacted, leading to a decline in the introduction of foreign capital.

Countermeasures and Suggestions to stabilize foreign trade and foreign capital

1. Accelerate the construction of a comprehensive platform for foreign trade and economic cooperation and expand online cooperation channels.

2. Strengthen policy support at all levels and promote implementation with precision and efficiency.

3. Strengthen assistance and guidance for enterprises, and effectively rescue and solve difficulties for enterprises.

4. Carry out double-recruit and double-guide actions to create an atmosphere of opening up.

5. Improve the business environment and enhance the confidence of foreign investors.

6. Establish and improve working mechanisms and strictly implement responsibilities at all levels.

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