Polyester V.S Polypropylene

Polyester V.S Polypropylene

Aug 26, 2020

What is Polyester

Polyesters are polymers formed from the condensation polymerization between a dicarboxylic acid and a diol. Polyester is a common name used to describe long-chain polymers composed of ester groups in the main chain. Polyesters are chemically composed of at least 85% by weight of an ester and a dihydric alcohol and a terephthalic acid. In other words, the reaction between carboxylic acids and alcohols which forms esters cause the formation of a polyester.

Polyesters are highly useful polymers due to their important properties such as high strength, high durability, hydrophobic nature and quick drying. Polyester is useful as fibers, films, packaging material, etc.

What is Polypropylene

Polypropylene is a thermoplastic polymer that has applications as fibers and plastics. It is made out of propylene monomer. Polypropylene softens when heated and can be remoulded into different shapes. Polypropylene is made from addition polymerization. The major application of this material is its use as a packaging material.

This polymer material can be used for making containers for the microwave oven. Polypropylene does not react with water and most chemicals. Polypropylene is considered as a tough material. It is also highly resistant to electricity. So it is a good electrical insulator.

Polypropylene is easy to customize. We can add dye during the manufacturing of polypropylene in order to obtain colorful polymer material. Unlike other plastics, polypropylene does not absorb water due to its hydrophobicity. Polypropylene has a light weight and is flexible as well.

Both polyester and polypropylene are polymers. Polyester is formed via condensation polymerization between a dicarboxylic acid and a diol. Polypropylene is formed via addition polymerization of propylene monomers. The main difference between polyester and polypropylene is that polyesters can absorb some amount of water whereas polypropylene does not absorb water at all.

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