What is polypropylene yarn

What is polypropylene yarn

Aug 03, 2020

Polypropylene yarn, which is accepted as the lightest and useful yarn used in the textile sector, is also called PP yarn.

Polypropylene yarn has a hygienic structure that does not cause allergic reactions. Moisture formed by sweat and similar causes is thrown out by the breathing structure, it does not hold moisture and water and it does not contain dirt and stain. At the same time, it is in a more advantageous position than many other yarn variants in terms of conversion to nature and reusability.

It is a type of yarn that can also be given high strength properties at the required ratios. It has features such as high durability and unbreakability to be gained by the applications made during manufacturing. Due to its technical characteristics, it is not only used by the narrow weaving sector as the most preferred yarn type but also used in many different fields and sectors such as home textile, sock and carpet manufacturing.

Polypropylene Yarn Manufacturers

Advantages of Polypropylene Yarn

Flexibility, low density, low thermal conductivity, low moisture absorption, compatibility with foodstuffs, minimum static electrification, superior resistance to chemicals ...

Light Weight

PP can reduce the weight of the bags and make the bags more portable. It is the lightest among the yarns used in the textile industry. It is a very light polymer compared to polyester and nylon from other synthetic yarns.

Converted to Nature

Polypropylene is the most advantageous synthetic polymer in synthetic materials such as polyester and nylon. 100% recycled and reused with the features of power saving, low-carbon and environmental friendly.

No Moisture in the World

PP is a water-repellent, water-repellent (hydrophobic) polymer. Therefore, their mechanical properties are not affected by changes in relative humidity.

Does not Leave Color

PP does not hold paint after production. The yarn is painted in the color demanded during production and the same color is obtained in each order. There is no color difference problem.

Dirt and Stain

PP is not suitable for dirt and stains due to its molecular structure, it breathe. The sweaty napkin allows the body to stay dry by allowing it to pass through the dress. The dust absorption of PP material is only equivalent to the wool.

Not Allergy

It does not contain dirt, stains and dyes as well as it has anti-bacterial properties by not containing bacteria in its body. Also anti-allergic, additional ingredients can be produced anti-bacterial.

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